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The Benefits Of Outsourcing your IT Support Function
European Electronique would like to demonstrate the benefits other organisations are experiencing through outsourcing all or part of their IT support function. Key advantages of a managed service include:
  • Access to the expertise of EE engineering resources It is not easy to find someone qualified in the range of skills required to manage the ICT infrastructure and at a salary that is affordable. It seems the choice is either; to employ a highly skilled ICT professional that ultimately spends 90% of their time on low-level tasks or alternatively, employ a junior technician who is not capable of dealing with 10% of the tasks which are however, most vital to your business processes.
  • HR benefits – reduced overheads
    By outsourcing the overheads can be reduced in terms of training, salaries, pensions, etc
  • Sick/holiday cover provision through continuous cover
    Most companies dread their IT Manager taking holidays or being off sick. If anything goes wrong they are powerless to fix it.
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