CEO of European Electronique, Yolanta Gill has this week spoken with CRN along with 7 other resellers to discuss which vendors they believe have really stepped up during the pandemic.

In times of crisis there are always some organisations who go above and beyond, setting an example to us all. I am sure that we have all deliberated as to how to contribute to society and the greater good in times of crisis and Aruba certainly have demonstrated their willingness to do just that. The company has implemented, or been an integral part of, many initiatives during the current situation and a few of them are outlined below:

A prime example would be, Aruba Airheads Volunteer Corps. More than ever, hospitals and first responders require additional engineering resources and expertise to support pop-up clinics, testing facilities, and remote care. In order to address this Aruba created an opt-in-only registry of skilled engineers to help build network infrastructures for medical facilities in this crucial time.

In April this year, the GNV Splendid, a former passenger ferry moored in Genoa, was converted to provide hospital space and medical treatment for COVID-19 patients in Italy.  For their part in this conversion Aruba, supplied and installed network infrastructure, consisting of 70 access points and over 4 kilometres of cable, to provide Wi-Fi coverage for the healthcare workers and their patients across the various decks of the ship.

A further example would be the Aruba Healthcare Connectivity Bundle. Aruba have donated $50m of products through their healthcare connectivity bundles which are designed for rapid provisioning and deployment in hospitals, clinics and drive-through test centres.

In another initiative, free VIA licensing has been offered by Aruba to enable customers to scale remote working efforts quickly, this is essentially a soft client VPN that utilises existing investment in ClearPass/Mobility Gateways.

In addition, Aruba brought partner ecosystem solutions to resellers and customers to enable safe return to work/campus with social distancing/contact tracing.

In order to bridge short term funding gaps related to the crisis, Aruba used HPE Financial Services to create financing solutions to address this issue.

From a personal company point of view, we have been supported by Aruba in many different ways, from additional free training for both system and network engineers, ongoing general support with virtual meetings by senior executives, designed to explore how best to support our organisation and our customers during these extraordinary times.

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