Transforming into a digital college

Further Education Colleges are going through a period of change. There is a need to transform into digital colleges able to take advantage of technology and modernise the learning experience. Requirements of employment are changing and the role of the college to prepare students for the world of work changes with it. Most of all the landscape of further education provision in the UK is changing which brings challenges and opportunities in equal measure. As colleges look set to become larger and more widespread through mergers, the role technology can play becomes even more important.

We believe there is an opportunity for FE colleges to take advantage of these changes. Investments in the right technology can support college mergers and improve overall operational efficiency. The ability to centralise IT investments through Hybrid cloud infrastructures and extend this provision across multiple campuses will improve agility and reduce the overall cost of investing in IT hardware.

Improving the Student & Teacher Experience

The move to a digital college is also about using the technology to have an impact in the learning experience. This is not just about student engagement but also about how the tools can be used to improve the courses students are studying. This can range from recording practical lessons for later study or enabling courses to be delivered in part or fully on line.

With the right tools we can also enable your teachers to help them become more effective, thus reducing administration overheads for staff, leaving them with more time to spend with their students. The use of data can help your staff make better informed decisions and understand where interventions are required, helping students achieve more within their chosen area of study.

We have extensive experience in helping colleges modernise their infrastructure whilst reducing cost and enabling them to deliver next generation services. Focussing on the engagement with the student and enabling colleges to support distance learning and extending their learning provision beyond the boundaries of their physical buildings.

If you are looking to enable digital transformation in your college or require an agile partner to help you deliver on your ICT requirements European Electronique has the skills and experience to help.