Schools & Academies

Education is about improving outcomes for learners, engaging students and enabling them to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. As an educator, you are crucial in readying the next generation for life beyond school, either at college, university or in employment. This is no small task, especially when the strain on schools is increasing, with growing student numbers and both time and budgets stretched to their limit.

Technology can be a great enabler. Designed, planned and implemented correctly, it improves financial and operational efficiency and access to resources as well as providing greater opportunities for collaboration and communication. Through ICT, both your staff and students are more connected.

Whether you’re exploring Office 365, Google Apps, Cloud computing, classroom AV, BYOD or simply looking for guidance on how technology will improve your school, European Electronique offer a range of services that can be customised to suit your individual environment. By partnering with us, you will benefit from over 30 years of experience integrating technology into education.

ICT for Streamlining Operations and improving Communication and Collaboration

Schools are under pressure to streamline operations, whether that’s reducing costs or increasing productivity. Technology can help to improve the efficiency of operations and staff activities, making it easier to collaborate and engage. The good news is that there are many free tools and resources already available to your school from Microsoft and Google so get in touch to see how European Electronique can help you implement and embed these solutions into your business process.

Flexible ICT that grows with you

The brilliance of technology is the rate at which it is improved. What would once be considered paradigm shift is now the norm as innovation is expected in every version upgrade. Technology is becoming even more universal as connectivity and integration becomes the important factor for its consumers. The challenge for your school is to remain current and engaging for your students regarding the use of ICT for teaching and learning. Having a flexible ICT system that can adapt to changing needs is crucial. European Electronique’s expertise as an ICT integrator allows you the confidence to implement an agile ICT strategy no matter what your starting point is. View the Case study to see how we have helped others, then get in touch to discuss developing an ICT system that will let you flex on demand at a pace and cost that suits you.

ICT that Saves Money

Cost is an important factor with any ICT solution. Often the focus is on initial outlay cost as well as the ongoing revenue implications for renewals or maintenance. Whilst they are very important aspects, do they really cover all elements of achieving financial best value? What will the impact be if it won’t properly integrate with other school systems? How will it meet the needs of this year, next year and beyond? How will you train and support users in the use of new technology? All of this needs to be considered when evaluating the true costs of technology. At European Electronique, we design and implement solutions that maximise output whilst minimising impact on finances.

Schools throughout the UK are already benefitting from ICT solutions designed and implemented in partnership with European Electronique. Whether you represent a Primary or Secondary School, Academy or Multi Academy Trust, see what you can achieve with us.