As the digital frontier expands, the significance of data security and robust backup strategies intensifies. Yet, are your existing measures truly bulletproof and compliant? It’s time for a crucial dialogue:

Compliance & Security:

  • How well do your backup practices align with DFE and NCSC guidelines?
  • Are your backups not just offsite but secured in an impenetrable fortress?
  • How impervious are your backups to today’s sophisticated cyber threats?

Comprehensive & Integrated:

  • When disaster strikes, is your service continuity plan fail-safe and frequently verified?
  • Have you encompassed all critical data spheres, including platforms like Office 365?
  • Is your backup solution not just storing data but vigilantly guarding against malware?

Management & Flexibility:

  • Is there a clear view of your backup’s daily performance through transparent reporting?
  • How scalable is your backup solution, offering the agility to invest only in what you utilise?

Discover the Freedom Advantage with HPE ARUBA:
If these inquiries resonate, BETT is your next pivotal stop. Let European Electronique, with the unparalleled strength of HPE ARUBA, demonstrate how the Freedom solution can elevate your backup strategy to new heights. Unable to attend? Fret not – register on our landing page for a bespoke walkthrough of transformative backup solutions.

Visit Us at BETT or Contact Us Online – Let’s ensure your backup systems are not just adequate, but exceptional.

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