Introducing the Aruba CX 10000 with Pensando

Learn more about the industry’s first Distributed Services Switch – The Aruba CX 10000 with Pensando offering 10x the performance, 100x the scale at 1/3 the cost of existing products.

Who Are AMD Pensando?

In 2022, AMD acquired Pensando Systems as part of a multi-billion-dollar strategy to lead the 4th Generation Data Centre revolution. In collaboration with HPE, they present the CX10k: the industry’s first-ever Distributed Services Switch designed for unparalleled performance and security.

Aruba CX 10K: Three Pillars of Unmatched Capability

Redefine Network Security with Micro-Segmentation

  • The only ToR Switch offering Layer 4 Firewall between ALL workloads.
  • Extend a Zero-Trust security stance to all East/West Data Centre traffic.
  • Unleash a staggering 800G performance.
  • Unparalleled Network Observability

  • The sole ToR switch to offer 100% Telemetry data.
  • Drastically cut down the time needed for Network Diagnostics.
  • No more dependency on complex SW Agents or Network probes.
  • Unmatched Scalability & Ease of managing

  • Operating on AOS-CX, a state-of-the-art, database-driven OS.
  • Streamline complex network tasks with ease.
  • Leverage Python-scripting capabilities, REST APIs, and the Aruba Network Analytics Engine for unmatched management flexibility.

  • Why Higher Education Needs Pensando

    Coming Soon: A compelling Aruba use case video featuring the University of Canterbury that demonstrates why Pensando’s capabilities are indispensable for higher education.

    Step Into the Future: 4th Generation Data Centre Networking

    Experience how the Aruba CX 10K switch is setting new benchmarks in data centre performance and security.

    European Electronique AMD & HPE Aruba Networking Workshop

    Elevate your knowledge and experience firsthand the pinnacle of networking innovation. European Electronique, in close collaboration with AMD & HPE Aruba, presents an exclusive workshop centred around the transformative CX 10000 Distributed Services Switch.

    Workshop Highlights & Setup:

    Exclusive Invitation: This event is tailor-made for our esteemed customers and CX10K prospects, brought to you by a partner-initiated invitation.

    Venue Excellence: Revel in a conducive learning environment, complete with top-tier amenities. Our partner facilitates the perfect backdrop with a prime location and exquisite catering services to enhance your workshop experience.

    Hands-On Learning: Dive deep with our advanced lab facilities. Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated instructor and the comprehensive content curated by AMD Pensando. It’s a hands-on learning experience, ensuring practical knowledge meets theoretical insights.

    Intimate Setting: To maintain quality and personalised attention, we’ve capped the attendance to a maximum of 16 delegates, representing 10 of our loyal customers.

    Dedicated Pods: Engage in practical sessions with 10 available pods, fostering an interactive and immersive experience.

    Limited seats available – Only 8 customers, 16 people max.

    Join us and elevate your insights into the future of networking. Reserve your spot today and be part of this transformative journey by partnering with European Electronique and ARUBA, you’re not just keeping up with the industry you’re staying ahead of it.

    Let’s transform your data centre architecture today.

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