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Welcome to the future of College Networks!  At European Electronique we are proud to bring you cutting edge solutions designed to revolutionise the learning experience.

Meet the Newest Member of Your IT Team!

Marvis is your AI Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) who speaks in natural language for intuitive interactions, transforming the way your IT team interacts with your college network. Ask Marvis to tell you about the problems on your network and he will give you a list of where there are issues and tell you where to go to fix them.

In fact, Marvis will help your IT Team keep one step ahead with proactive and prescriptive actions, Self-Driving Network™ operations, digital experience twinning, and integrated help desk functions.

Marvis doesn’t even need to be fed as he is constantly ingesting data and learning from network devices and applications. This ensures a wide breadth of expertise, with the highest level of efficacy. Marvis is an extension of the IT team—it combs through data and logs to determine root causes and provides answers in real time with high efficiency.

IT team members arriving in the morning can have a drink with Marvis over his “morning cup of coffee” view (or tea if you prefer!). Whilst you’re drinking your beverage of choice Marvis will show you the high-impact issues at the college level so you know exactly what you need to prioritise and focus on for the day.

As your Team gets to know and trust Marvis you can let him work by himself by putting him in self-driving mode. Here he will automatically resolve issues or he can act as your assistant and recommend actions that require user intervention. He’ll even close the feedback loop by validating that the actions are correct in the Mist AI engine, helping him to learn whilst gaining your trust.
If Mavis sounds like the sort of guy you want on your team then we can arrange an introduction. Just fill in the form below and a member of our further education team will be in touch.

Networking and AI – What does it mean for you?

When wireless networks were created over two decades ago, smartphones, tablets, IoT, and cloud apps didn’t even exist. While legacy wireless LAN (WLAN) architectures were great for managing yesterday’s networks, where wireless clients were limited and connectivity was a convenience, they are not equipped for the modern era of mobility. Legacy WLAN architectures lack the horsepower, cross-location data, and data science to support AIOps for networking. Only a modern microservices cloud supports AIOps for real-time analysis that enables IT teams to make faster, more accurate decisions and respond to network and system incidents as quickly as possible.

That’s great – but how does it benefit you?

  • Three additional IT Team members. An integrated AI engine contains self-driving capabilities that proactively resolve issues before users even notice. And it works 24/7, 365 days a year – no holidays or sick days. That’s the equivalent of 3 full-time members of staff – all monitoring, fixing, and reporting on issues. Reducing the number of support tickets and site visits allows you to be more proactive and increases end-user satisfaction.
  • Proactive beats are reactive every day. Optimise user experience with an AI-driven networkWith AI you can proactively find and fix Wi-Fi and wired issues before they become problems.  You can even eliminate up to 90% of help desk tickets
  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences.  Optimize all user, device, and IoT experiences with AI-driven insights and customizable service-level expectations (SLEs). The AI cloud uses streaming telemetry data from wireless access points to continuously monitor coverage and capacity metrics for the best possible service at all times. 
  • Secure Wireless Access.  Enforcing which users and devices can join your network and what they can access is critical to safeguarding your IT assets.  With your students wanting access to multiple devices the IoT demand has never been higher. 

You keep talking about AI and AIOps – what’s the difference?

AI is an untrained brain.  If you teach it how to find problems and issues on a network and even better, how to fix them, you get AIOps.

AIOps is about driving operational simplicity and transforming IT from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation. It offers a “morning cup of coffee” view, which delivers visibility into high-impact network issues at a whole college level, so your IT Team knows exactly what they need to prioritize and focus on for the day. Adopting the right AIOps solution will eliminate manual troubleshooting, deliver significant savings in time and effort, and boost the overall experience of your students, devices, and clients.

That sounds good in practice but does it work in the real world?

Yes it does and below are case studies of how it is working in practice

Derby College Group

Derby College prepares the UK workforce for the future over an experience-first network from Juniper

Royal College Of Surgeons Ireland

AI-driven networking from Juniper is the right medicine for the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

John Wood Community College

Learn how John Wood Community College refreshed its campus with Juniper’s AI-driven networking solutions to overcome obstacles and fully embrace hybrid learning.

University of Oxford

Provided AI-driven Wi-Fi to support 25,000+ students and staff in one of the world’s oldest universities.

University of Reading

The University of Reading reimagines its campus network to support student engagement and success.

Forsyth Technical Community College

Forsyth Tech keeps focus on student success with an AI-driven campus network from Juniper

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