Smart education inspires brilliance

Follow a smarter way forward, with European Electronique and Lenovo, as your classroom continues to evolve.

Educational institutes today are transforming from educational destinations into educational hubs, supporting a mix of onsite and distance learning. Teachers, pupils and parents now depend on innovative technology and software to facilitate learning beyond the classroom.

With European Electronique in partnership with Lenovo, you can navigate what’s ahead and help everyone’s skills to flourish, with devices and software that keep your teachers and pupils connected.

Solutions and Services

Lenovo is the world’s number one educational PC provider. Take advantage of a reliable framework for education at every level, from pre-school through to further education you can rely on end-to-end services and expert support.

A robust ecosystem based on reliable, stress-tested hardware, combined with easy-to-manage technology from Microsoft Education, to protect your investment and maximise pupil success.

Share knowledge, collaborate and communicate from a distance. Explore digital alternatives to the traditional classroom environment with a range of tools and services.

It only takes one solution to protect your school network and devices. ThinkShield protects identities, secures data, shields devices and protects against online threats to safeguard pupils and staff online.

Built for EDU

From design to fully implemented and realised infrastructure, Lenovo EDU drives powerful learning experiences. Combined with the power of Windows, you can unlock limitless learning.

Ready for action

Whether its laptops, 2-in-1s or rugged tablets, you can handle the challenges of education with Lenovo devices from company name. With anchor keys, reinforced LCD glass, and protection from impact and spillages, you can protect against drops, knocks and heavy use.

Plus, find out how you can gain access to additional services, including premier support, accidental damage protection, extended warranty services, and easy, cloud-based device management and app licensing by speaking to a member of our team.

Unlock Limitless Learning

Microsoft Education helps deliver personalized learning for every student with devices built for the classroom and beyond. With affordable Windows 10 devices starting at $219, it’s easy to get the latest devices into the hands of students quickly and within budget. Schools get built-in, always up to date[1] safeguards for their devices and data.

Distance learning

Partner name in partnership with Lenovo EDU solutions are prepared to support learning, wherever it takes place. We provide solutions to help you access the full potential of Lenovo technology.

Manage classes remotely

You can use powerful software to support and direct learning, wherever it takes place. Implement tools for sharing and filtering content, creating virtual classroom environments, monitoring students’ screens, and running video conferences for face-to-face coaching.

Encourage learning away from the screen by delivering STEM challenges in virtual reality, and work with high-quality multimedia. Teach valuable digital literacy skills, raise awareness of privacy and security online, and cultivate supportive online communities.


Lenovo devices are built with end-to-end security, to ensure that valuable data is kept under lock and key. Safeguard students and protect remote devices with our range of software solutions and services.

Next-gen protection

Protect remote devices and ensure your data is kept safe with end-to-end security. IT admins can use powerful software to track and remotely lock lost or stolen devices. They can also view device health and usage, update software, and protect against cyberattacks.

Apply filters and parental controls to restrict access to inappropriate content, safeguard pupils and manage risk. Analyse network traffic for usage insights. And monitor accounts to prevent cyberbullying.

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