In today’s dynamic workplace landscape, empowering your staff with the right technology is paramount to driving efficiency and safeguarding your organization’s digital assets. European Electronique, in collaboration with Lenovo, presents a compelling value proposition tailored specifically for IT decision-makers, managers, and remote or hybrid workers.

Richer returns

It’s much more productive to work with a screen that shows more information, has more pixels and shows 11% more content:

  • Spreadsheets can be tricky to navigate, but with the 16:10 ratio, work is smoother because you can view 46 rather than 40 rows in Excel.
  • You also see much more of a web page, Word doc, PDFs, and so on.

The same. But far more.

It’s natural to assume these laptops are too big, too heavy and more expensive than 16:9 models. They’re not.

Overall size

The ThinkBook G6 and ThinkPad E G5s 16:10 are essentially the same size as 16:9 models.


Small differences in size are barely noticeable.


The 16:10 models are no heavier than 16:9 laptops.

Tech boost

The 16:10s also feature a raft of further benefits. These include:

  • Additional I/O – USB C ports.
  • Larger battery capacity from 60 Wh to 71 Wh.
  • Install more RAM for more speed and processing power.

ThinkPad E G5 16:10

  • Powered by Intel® Core i7 processors.
  • Display: 16:10 2.2K 60Hz 100% sRGB IPS TUV HW LBL.
  • GPU: UMA.
  • Memory: Dual DIMM Slot, IRL DDR5, ABP DDR4.
  • ThinkBook 14 16:10

  • Armed with the latest up to 13th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor.
  • Up to 64GB* DDR5 memory and up to 2TB + 2TB* dual SSD storage.
  • Experience true-to-life visuals with a 90% Screen-to-body Ratio.
  • ThinkPad E G5 14 16:10

  • Powered by up to 13th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor.
  • Up to 300nits of brightness, provide an improved, immersive viewing experience.
  • With a starting weight of 1.41kg and 17.99mm thickness, it is incredibly low profile.
  • Memory: Dual DIMM Slot, IRL DDR5, ABP DDR4
  • ThinkBook G6 16:10

  • Powered by Intel® Evo i7 processor.
  • Panel (STB): 16:10, 16” 91.2%.
  • Touchpad: CS22 KBD – 16” 120×75.

  • Our campaign, “Lenovo Devices AI and Security for Staff,” introduces you to a world of innovation and protection. Powered by Intel processors and enriched with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Lenovo devices redefine productivity. Seamlessly integrating AI into everyday workflows, these devices anticipate your needs, automate repetitive tasks, and elevate efficiency.

    But productivity means nothing without security. That’s why Lenovo prioritizes robust security features across its entire range. From biometric authentication to advanced encryption protocols, your data remains safeguarded against evolving cyber threats.

    Our campaign isn’t just about promoting devices; it’s about empowering your workforce. Whether your team operates remotely, in-office, or in a hybrid model, Lenovo’s solutions provide the reliability, performance, and peace of mind you need to thrive in today’s digital-first environment.

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