Focussing on the end result

At European Electronique we believe that technology can make a difference to the people and organisations we work with and our approach to professional services is deeply rooted in this belief. We have a desire to ensure that the technology we implement brings value to the way people work, in turn adding value to the organisations they are part of.


The first stage of successfully implementing any technology is the design. A poorly designed but well implemented solution will not achieve the desired goals but a well-designed and correctly implemented solution will. This is why we have a robust design process which is simple but effective and seeks to understand how people interact with the technology, how it adds value and enables them to be more productive, working smarter not harder. Above all, technology should be the enabler not the barrier.

We break our design process into three simple steps

  1. Vision – we need to understand the vision and goals for the organisation, what they are looking to achieve, not just now but also in the future.
  2. Functional – once we understand the vision and goals we can then seek to define how the people within the organisation need to interact with the technology. How they will use it and how it will enable them to achieve what we have learnt from Step 1.
  3. Technical – we can define the technical specification which will enable the functional requirements from the Step 2.

At the point of technical design, we provide full technical architecture drawings and documentation. We ensure full integration with your own technical and management teams at every stage of the process ensuring a comprehensive approach to service design.


At European Electronique we offer deployment, installation and configuration services for our customers, ranging from deployment of end users devices right through to configuration and integration of complex IT platforms. All of our engineering resources are delivered by us in house with teams who are trained and accredited to deploy the technologies we work with. This provides peace of mind when choosing European Electronique as your partner. We also provide project and program management services to complement our engineering resources to ensure delivery is on time and to budget. All of our in-house professional services use industry standards as applicable to their field.

Our engineers are specialists in their chosen technology and have experience of working in our chosen sectors meaning they understand the unique requirements of each sector, from education through to blue light services. European Electronique are able to offer the following services;

  • Deployment and unboxing including waste removal
  • Desktop imaging and installation to desktop
  • Deployment services
  • Installation of hardware infrastructure
  • Configuration of hardware and software
  • System integration
  • Testing and sign off
  • Project and program management