As a technology expert we are perfectly positioned to advise companies on how to implement a secure and efficient print infrastructure with seamless integration into their existing IT environments. European Electronique, as a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider, can centralise management of all your devices including printers, copiers and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers.   

Working in partnership with HP and Xerox, we provide a full range of office printers, copiers, document solutions and supplies along with ‘pay-per-page’ and leasing services. 

Cost-efficiency is an everyday priority. For most companies the cost of office printing i.e. cost-per-print, routine maintenance and service, is an unexplored opportunity for significant and cumulative savings. We can help you to take control of your print activities and reduce your operating costs by up to 30%.  

European Electronique’s Managed Print Services provide big-picture visibility so you can manage your network print resources more effectively. Our MPS solutions will improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based communications. We work with you to customize the solution for your team, department or company-wide needs. With centralised management of your networked print devices you can balance business needs with budget realities. 

End-To-End Security Assistance

Add Print Security Professional Services to your Secure MPS contract to get further layers of protection. Our credentialed security advisors can help co-develop and deploy a custom plan to advance your print security to address people, processes, and compliance requirements. 

  • Print Security Advisory Services can help assess your risks, develop a custom print security policy, and make process and technology recommendations for improved security. 
  • Print Security Implementation Services can help you roll out your security action plan—deploy security settings, add security. enhancements like device certificates, and integrate printers into SIEM tools such as ArcSight, Splunk, or SIEMonster. 
  • Print Security Advisory Retainer Service provides ongoing access to advisors to evaluate your security plans on a regular basis, plus ad hoc support for compliance audits. 
  • Print Security Governance and Compliance Service provides trained experts to monitor and manage print security compliance for you. 

Our Secure MPS can help you close the security gap 

Critical gaps can occur at multiple points within your environment. Creating a complete imaging and printing security strategy requires coordinated protection of devices, data, and documents, plus comprehensive security monitoring and reporting solutions. European Electronique’s E Secure MPS, gives you enhanced security on every level.   

Total Solution From a Trusted IT Provider

European Electronique’s Managed Services provides break-fix support for a wide range of devices including print and IT hardware. With flexible and tailored solutions we can meet your exact need and ensure you get the best value from your IT equipment with reliable service. 

Managed Print Solutions Benefits 

  • Cutting costs on print consumables, service and cost-per-page. 
  • Reducing energy usage through device consolidation and upgrades. 
  • Reducing waste, order only the supplies needed, with no excess. 
  • Freeing up IT resources for more business-critical work.  
  • Optimising efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management. 
  • Streamlining operations with centralised support for multiple brands and models. 
  • Increasing uptime with on-site service coverage. 
  • Gaining visibility into print activity, improving control and management of your devices. 
  • Customising your MPS solution for your network, print devices and operational priorities.