Microsoft’s global vision is to empower every person and organisation to achieve more. They are the largest software company on the planet and provide products ranging from operating systems to cloud infrastructure services. Most recently Microsoft have been driving their portfolio of products into cloud ready services such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

Data Centre Transformation

The power of cloud brings both opportunities and challenges to organisations. To take on the challenges of big data and mobility, you need resilient, reliable infrastructure that can expand or contract as demand shifts. With the capabilities of Windows Server, Microsoft System Centre, and Microsoft Azure, organisations can respond rapidly to changing business requirements.

By bringing software-defined compute, networking, and storage to your datacentre, you can reduce both complexity and cost. Management and automation are key to improving datacentre operations, speeding delivery of services to the business. And you can increase agility with access to cloud resources on demand. With datacentre innovation and new hybrid options, the Microsoft cloud platform gives you the right infrastructure for today’s big challenges

Empowering modern businesses

The world of business moves at a fast pace, Microsoft solutions have developed at a similar rate and offer a comprehensive set of solutions to enable the modern work force. The rise of mobile devices and always on connectivity provide access to the tools which people need on a daily basis. Microsoft now offers what is the most comprehensive integrated tool set to enable collaboration and communication from any location on any devices.

Through Dynamics 365, business processes can be streamlined and automated leaving people with more time to focus on growing the business or working with customers. The integrated nature of the Microsoft ecosystem enables a smooth workflow which can enhance the way people work.

European Electronique use Microsoft products and services across our entire portfolio range, from mobility and collaboration solutions through to cloud and data centre. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider we are able to offer the comprehensive range of cloud solutions. We have extensive experience in deploying and customising Office 365 to meet the specific sectors in which we work.

From Data Centre solutions through to mobility and productivity solutions we have the skills and expertise to help.