Greater choice and freedom

All universities are looking to provide students with a first class education, they want them to achieve the best they can and realise their full potential. It is a competitive market place, with more people applying to university who have greater choice and freedom than ever before. These students, along with International and mature students, are looking at what makes a University stand out from the crowd, why choose one over another.

Universities are large and complex organisations, running multiple services, managing a large number of students along with all the interactions and requirements those students have during their time with the university. The systems used to manage and run the operations of the university are also large and complex, often siloed from department to department. This can be challenging and result in a less agile organisation, reducing the ability to react quickly and therefore be competitive in the market place.

Agility Through Digital Transformation

Putting your university on a path to digital transformation will open up a number of opportunities which will impact the organisations ability to stay competitive in the market place. Students enter university with expectations and, from day one, will start a journey with their chosen university that may last long after they have left. University’s need to be able to manage the student journey effectively and the interactions within it, from course data, to accommodation and grading. Having a single student record system, which is integrated with other systems as part of a wider platform, enables easier communications, reduces management overheads and enables leadership teams to make better data informed decisions.

Today’s students have grown up with technology being embedded in every part of their lives, the expectation when they arrive at their new university is no different. Enabling student access to resources from their own devices and communicating with them through social mediums is an important part of the digital strategy of any university. Using technology to improve the learning process can provide benefits to resident students and enable online learning the extension of university courses.

We understand our Higher Education customers require reliable and agile IT infrastructure solutions that perform to the high standards they set for their students. We have developed the accreditations, framework positions, and engineering expertise to deliver those solutions. Over the last 30 years European Electronique have significantly grown their Higher Education business by identifying those organisations that are looking for strategic, long term partnerships, and then working on solutions based on transformation and innovation.

If you are looking to enable digital transformation in your college or require an agile partner to help you deliver on your ICT requirements European Electronique has the skills and experience to help.