Centralising ICT In Multi Academy Trusts

Maximise efficiency of ICT within Multi Academy Trusts with European Electronique’s Freedom Cloud. Giving you the ability to focus on Teaching and Learning.

Why Centralise?

Forming or joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) can bring a number of challenges, not just with regard to ICT. MAT leaders are faced with the task of unifying a number of different schools with multiple approaches to teaching and learning. Their staff and their systems may all be at different stages, or be different entirely.

A successful Multi Academy Trust model requires the centralised governance and management of both finances and staff across the Trust group. So, why not do the same with ICT?

Centralising ICT will provide MATs with a unified, easy to manage and cost effective solution to deliver consistent and flexible technology to each and every user in the Trust. Harnessing the power of our own Freedom Cloud, European Electronique has designed a solution specifically with these goals in mind.

Collaborative ICT

Taking on multiple schools means that, overnight, the Trust is ultimately responsible for multiple ICT networks. Ensuring consistency of service is difficult when taking on different schools, whose ICT provision may vary greatly across the Trust. Investing the already tight budgets into individual schools, in a bid to bring them up to speed, may seem like a logical process. However, instead of targeting the improvement of individual Schools, why not start from the top?

Creating a Trust wide, centralised ICT network both facilitates and encourages collaborative operations across all member schools, whilst also hugely improving the efficiency of support and day to day management of your systems.

How do you do it?

Put simply, your Trust can provide ICT to all member Schools from one central service. To provide this, you may think that you need a central datacentre and that sounds expensive and complicated.

But why build your own datacentre? Why not use ours?

By partnering with European Electronique, you are providing the Trust with the ability to host some or all of your ICT infrastructure within our two, UK based, Freedom Cloud datacentres. This minimises the need for investment in on-premise ICT hardware, whilst seamlessly delivering ICT services to all of your member schools.

David Ross Education Trust

IPACA Case Study

Reap the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Through a hybrid cloud infrastructure, designed in partnership with European Electronique, many Multi Academy Trusts have already been able to reduce the burden of ICT management, allowing them to focus on Teaching and Learning.

What else does a Hybrid cloud infrastructure do for your Multi academy Trust?


  • Achieve "economies of scale" by procuring Trust wide
  • Reduce capital expenditure on ICT with minimal onsite hardware
  • Reduce ICT running costs such as power, cooling and support
  • Manage contracts centrally, with one predictable recurring cost


  • Reduce the day to day strain on ICT support staff
  • Quickly and easily on board new Schools and users
  • Deploy software and services once for all schools, not individually


  • Staff and students can roam freely from school to school taking their accounts and data with them
  • Ability to increase or decrease ICT provision in line with need
  • Integrate with 3rd party cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Google Apps for Education
  • Access resources atany time and from anywhere.
  • Easily collaborate and share data between schools within the Trust


  • Fault Tolerant design keeping your network operational 24x7x365
  • Know where your data is stored with our UK based hosting centres
  • Data Centres secured to N3 standard. A level of security that may be beyond the reach of a School's on premise self-maintained solution
  • Extensive Backup retention

Why European Electronique?

Our Freedom Cloud datacentres provide you with enterprise class infrastructure, with industry leading security and performance, at a level usually unaffordable for the Education sector.

With numerous Academy Trusts already using our cloud platform, European Electronique has a huge amount of experience of working with MATs to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of ICT.