Ever Greater Demands

It is a challenging time for the UK public sector for many reasons, all of which are well documented. There is an ever increasing need to reduce cost as budgets decline, whilst becoming more agile at the same time. Public sector organisations are often large and complex, agility can be hard but by starting to look at how technology can underpin the changes required, the public sector also has a great opportunity to transform how it delivers services and meets the needs of the UK.

Improving Clinical Care

Enabling mobility has many benefits for the health care sector, access to information and systems at the point of care can greatly improve the service. The growth of connected devices not only requires agile, secure and robust infrastructures but also integrated systems that manage and make use of the influx of data. Digital engagement with hospital visitors helps reduce cost whilst improving the overall hospital experience.

Delivering First Class Services

With Government services increasingly under pressure, we understand the ever-present need to improve the quality of services offered while also ensuring financial savings. Integrating people with technology and process effectively is at the heart of creating more agile organisations. We can work with you to provide people with the tools they need to collaborate and manage projects that will help improve efficiency.

Managing the Situation

Technology advancements can have a large impact on all public sector services. Managing processes, automating tasking and working in teams, even though they are not in the same geographical area, can all be facilitated by new technology. The ability to record events through sound or video and have access to data relevant to any given situation, can ensure a greater awareness and provide the overall context. Mobility and the robustness of devices which are used to access systems on the move is also a key requirement to improve how services are delivered.

Our experience in IT infrastructures and integrated software platforms across the public sector means we are an ideal partner if you are looking to enable digital transformation. We can support you from choosing the correct device for a mobile deployment through to understanding the requirements for storing and managing ever increasing data sets.

No matter what the size of your IT project. European Electronique has the skills and experience to help you.