Enabling the modern workforce

European Electronique provide a range of business and collaboration solutions which can be deployed and customised for different sectors. The unique challenges each customer brings are different but have similarities. Understanding the small nuances between them is what sets us apart. We provide services which range from design through to custom development, integration and customisation enabling the service to integrate as a wider platform across your organisation.

Office 365

As organisations evolve and adapt to the changing environment around them, software solutions have changed with them driving new ways to communicate, collaborate and share information across multiple teams. Office 365 is a platform born from the cloud, introducing new technologies and integrating them with existing Microsoft Office applications.

Office 365 has the ability to offer either a complete solution for your needs or provide something as simple as mail from the cloud. The size and depth of Office 365 make it an important tool for delivering against the needs of your organisation. As a Microsoft cloud solution provider we are able to advise on the best Office 365 plan for you. We have extensive experience of migrating existing services to Office 365 and customising the platform for your specific needs and we are experts in integrating Office 365 with the rest of your infrastructure, ensuring the platform becomes a seamless part of your overall strategy.

Skype for Business

Communication is no longer just about telephone calls. The digital world has led to email, instant messaging and video conferencing and Skype for Business combines all of these into a single platform. Integrating with Office 365, Skype for Business offers a comprehensive communication platform which can transform the way you work and the way the people in your organisation communicate.

As a Microsoft cloud solution provider we are able to design and deploy a Skype for Business solution across your organisation, either as a cloud platform from Office 365 or as a hybrid solution using on premise technology. Combined with our WAN and broadband services we are able to support your complete communication needs.

Dynamics 365

All organisations of any size have a need to define and implement process to enable the running of the organisation and ensure its smooth operation. Dynamics 365 offers a complete package which can be tailored to support engagement with your customers and optimise operations.

As a Microsoft cloud solution provider we are able to customise Dynamics 365 for use in multiple different sectors, from business process in the commercial sector through to student engagement within universities. Our team of business consultants can help you map out and then deploy the solution which best fits your needs.

Data Intelligence

Data has exploded at an exponential rate; it has become the new currency where data insight is more valuable than ever. The ability to make data informed decisions can transform your organisation, open up new directions and inform future planning and thinking.

As a Microsoft cloud solution provider we can implement data intelligence services using Power BI, which is delivered from Office 365 using Excel. We can help organise and connect your existing data sets to unlock insight and gain an advantage from your most valuable asset.