Mobile First

Mobile first has become the mantra of the day with many people now focussing on the mobile revolution to drive demand for new waves of service delivery. The range of devices people use to access the services they need is greater than ever and the commercialisation of IT means people expect to use the types of technology in work that they use at home or use their own personal technology. This presents a challenge for IT in managing devices and securing data on devices not owned by the organisation. Our mobility solutions are designed to meet these challenges and open up new possibilities that mobility brings.

Mobile Solutions

A change in thinking is required, how do you manage a wider range of devices which are partially owned or not owned by you? How do you protect access to your systems and data? How do you take advantage and reduce overall costs of IT hardware expenditure? We have the experience to help with these questions and can define a strategy for mobility which works for you.

Using a combination of software and hardware we can design a mobility solution that meets your specific needs. Working with industry leaders such as Microsoft and HP we have a comprehensive answer to today’s challenges when supporting a mobile strategy. Whether you are embarking on a mobile strategy to deploy mobile devices across your organisation or looking to support a "bring your own" device policy we can work with you to ensure your infrastructure is fully equipped to take advantage whilst providing control and ensuring security of your data.

End User Devices

With organisations increasingly under pressure, we understand the ever-present need to improve the quality of services offered whilst ensuring financial savings. That’s why our device solutions are not only resilient and secure, but will also increase productivity and reduce operating costs – maximising the value of your IT while using fewer resources to streamline service delivery and free up staff to focus on core tasks. We also combine all our end user devices with a range of our own solutions and services to help bring our customers to the forefront of technology.

We offer a wide range of mobile and desktop devices from internationally recognised manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba and more at very competitive prices. We are accredited as a service repair centre and can facilitate warranty repairs which means you have a single point of contact for your device and mobility solutions.