A platform for the modern workplace

As organisations transform digitally and the demands of the modern workplace change, the backbone of an organisations IT infrastructure needs to be able to effectively manage the added complexity. The balance between people who have fixed and mobile requirements means a modern infrastructure has to be flexible and robust to cope with modern day security demands. We have strong credentials in networking and security and are able to design, install and support a fully integrated wired and wireless infrastructure which is both adaptable and secure.


European Electronique has long been providing an extensive range of wired networking solutions to our customers. From the core of the datacentre to the edge of your network European Electronique is able to offer a wide range of modular or fixed port stackable Ethernet switches to meet the requirements of your network.

Our experienced team of architects and engineers can assist you with the design and implementation of wired networking equipment. Our feature rich portfolio provides connectivity from 10 Mb through to 100 Gb and our solutions are architected fully on open standards ensuring you maintain freedom and flexibility for the future.

Our software networking portfolio also enables you to make the most of Software Defined Networking to achieve automation whilst maintaining flexibility and capability on your network.


Mobile first has become the modern day mantra with people choosing to access services from a range of mobile devices. Organisations have to ensure they deliver robust and flexible wireless provision to meet the needs of todays’ users. This creates additional challenges but also enables a new level of freedom for mobile workers. Working environments can be flexible, open and designed to facilitate collaboration, with IT seamlessly integrating with the fabric of the building.

We have extensive experience in helping our customers from survey through to design, installation and configuring wireless networking and mobility solutions, enabling them to work in a more flexible and agile manner increasing workplace productivity. In addition, our range of guest services enables our customers to deliver simple, seamless access through a number of differing management options. We’re able to offer remote, desktop-based predictive surveys, comprehensive on-site survey analysis and consultancy services including full spectrum analysis of the airspace on any site.

Network Management

European Electronique provide a number of differing network management solutions designed to provide a single pane of glass for all solutions we implement and interface with, to give you the information and control that you require without flooding you with unimportant alerts.


As data and IT platforms become more and more mission critical to the running of today’s organisations, threats from outside the organisation take on greater levels of complexity to undermine and penetrate valuable information. Within this changing landscape of network security and increase in cyber threats, ransomware & DDoS attacks, European Electronique have formed a strategic partnership with Fortinet, a leader in the worldwide Unified Threat Management market.

Fortinet has nearly 3 million boxes deployed across the globe providing real time threat visibility and management through FortiGuard. Their comprehensive security suite removes complexity and cost from the network through the consolidation of key security features. Fortinet provides the required visibility, logging and reporting to comply with the Government mandated ‘Prevent Agenda’ and have developed a Security Incident and Event Manager solution for integrated security, performance and availability monitoring in one application.

Broadband, WAN, Mobile Telephony

In a mobile first world users access the services they need at any time of the day and from any location using a wide range of devices. Connectivity is no longer seen as a bolt on piece of the solution puzzle, more an integral part of the service design. Transformation of business models and the freedom mobility the workplace provides puts a greater dependency on the provision of robust quality connectivity. We understand this and can supply a range of connectivity solutions that meet your needs and deliver the quality of service your people demand. We have a wide portfolio of connectivity offerings and are able to leverage a range of suppliers to ensure best value, regardless of your location and requirement.