The University wanted to deploy a faster, more responsive and agile network to improve the services delivered to staff and students.

The Requirement

The University required a cost effective, scalable and future proof next generation LAN to provide the University with a campus-wide Wired Network infrastructure capable of delivering services to staff and pupils, whilst supporting the agility and flexibility required in a Teaching on Demand network.

The Solution

European Electronique’s solution used HPE’s high performance and scalable Comware platform that supported 40GbE, with future support for 100GbE.

The proposed network management platform was HPE’s Intelligent Management Centre, which provided full management and visibility over the new network. In addition, this platform offered some integration for Aruba Networks equipment and in view of HPE’s acquisition of Aruba Networks, the University could be certain of support for their existing wireless infrastructure in future.

This solution was designed with longevity and scalability in mind and the ability to extend connectivity to future locations was taken into consideration. It has enabled students and teaching staff to experience the benefits of flexible and reliable IT services regardless of location within the sites.

“The University has been able to deploy a faster, more responsive and agile network improving the excellent services we deliver to staff and students.
European Electronique’s help and advice following our tender procurement and at the start of our partnership was invaluable in ensuring we have a network infrastructure that is scalable, efficient, cost effective and future proof.”
Dan Halter IT Infrastructure Manager, University of Westminster
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