The Journey with Freedom

At European Electronique we have been looking after our customers’ IT infrastructure for thirty years. Our strength and experience in the Public Sector, particularly education, gives us a greater understanding of the challenges facing organisations today. We have helped many organisations, both large and small in the Public and Corporate sectors to navigate the ever-pressing drive for Digital Transformation, alleviating the pressure of keeping pace with industry standards and helping them mitigate the plethora of operational and data security risks.

What is Freedom Cloud?

Launched in 2013, Freedom is a powerful, scalable, hosted, multi-tenant cloud solution that provides organisations with the benefits of the cloud combined with the control of an on-premise solution. Freedom uses a custom designed and built virtual Data Centre (vDC) which is fully GCloud compliant and is the next logical step along the digital transformation road for your organisation.

Built on VMware’s vSphere and vCloud technologies. Freedom provides convenient on-demand access to a pool of computing resources such as servers, storage, memory, and networking as well as access to services and applications such as backup and virtual desktops. Secure connectivity to an existing environment can be provided by VPN over a Layer 2 circuit, creating a logical extension to existing environments enabling current services to be securely migrated and new services can be created ‘on demand’.

Changing the IT Landscape

Since it’s launch in 2013, Freedom has been a game changer and has transformed the way in which our customers work. Gone is the worry about capital spikes for essential hardware resulting in infrastructure being out of date and not fit for purpose. With Freedom, we move critical infrastructure refresh to a revenue-based model, making planning for the future simple and inexpensive. Our simple browser-based access layer to the traditional network is a flexible, agile and innovative approach to managing your IT which is essential with both the increase of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and the need to support employees in a new age of hybrid working brought about by the pandemic.

The Future of Freedom – What next?

It has been eight years since the launch and successful roll-out of Freedom. In that time Freedom has reached several significant milestones. It was the first cloud platform with dedicated education specific services and in the last 8 years it has hosted over 100,000 different users from over 70 different organisations exceeding our 99.999% uptime target.

Due for launch in the summer 2022, the next incarnation of EE cloud platform, Freedom 2.0, will be based on Nutanix and will offer a plethora of new benefits including performance improvements, taking our cloud customer base to the next level of service. Over the next few months, we are looking forward to sharing the development and product launch of the anticipated Freedom 2.0, taking our customers along with us on this exciting journey.