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At European Electronique we are always looking at ways to create value for our customers. In a time where funds may be stretched and with an ever-increasing demand on stock, we have seen an increasing trend in the purchasing of Remanufactured Laptops. To many, Remanufactured Laptops will be viewed the same as Refurbished, however there are some crucial differences.

So what is the difference?

You will likely be familiar with a Refurbished laptop, or at least have an idea of what one is  – it will have been cleaned (both physically and virtually) and these machines are suitable for a number of reasons. However, a Remanufactured Laptop will have gone through a 100 point check to achieve its ISO9001 accreditation, the screen will be dismantled and fixed if necessary, its battery health checked to be above 70% health, its storage replaced with a new SSD, all components tested for wear and tear and replaced, tracker pads checked and replaced to ensure full cursor movement as well as a respray on the machine case itself.

Does this mean they are expensive?

Certainly not! We believe that for those who are looking to save money, Remanufactured Laptops are the perfect solution – cheaper than new, but reliable and quality assured.  Due to the more than reasonable pricing of Remanufactured Laptops, the pricing allows you to extend your budget by up to 40%!

To conclude, Remanufactured Laptops are otherwise discarded products which are then remanufactured into perfect condition. Due to the high level of standards in the remanufacturing process, the difference between a new laptop and remanufactured one are virtually undetectable. Meaning that you are getting an as good as new laptop for a fraction of the price.

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