In the spirit of innovation and forward-thinking, European Electronique is taking a distinctive twist on the typical annual predictions. Peering into the future reveals endless potential, but let’s be candid—not every technological promise is on the immediate horizon. With this in mind, our Hybrid Cloud Solutions team shares with you our list of ‘non-predictions’ for the coming year in data storage and related technologies.
Here at European Electronique, where our expertise in bridging technology and education has been honed over years of dedication, we’ve observed the flurry of ‘annual predictions’ becoming a bit of a trope. Analysts and thought leaders are in a sprint to publish their forecasts. So for 2024, we offer you a playful yet informative twist: ten things that we believe won’t come to pass in the next year within the sphere of data storage and related technologies. Let’s explore this with a touch of humour and realism.

  1. All Data Ascending to the Cloud: The cloud has been the watchword for two decades, and Microsoft Azure’s growth is a testament to this trend. With the cloud computing market ballooning, we’re still not at the point where all data has its head in the cloud, mainly due to concerns about security and reliability. Despite the allure of cloud solutions like our own Freedom product, we don’t anticipate a full migration to the cloud just yet. Freedom offers a secure and adaptable alternative that addresses concerns over security and data sovereignty.
  2. Global Cryptocurrency Domination: Despite the buzz and the bustle around digital currencies, a total switch from traditional financial systems to the enigmatic world of cryptocurrencies isn’t on the cards for 2024, thanks to a maze of regulatory challenges and public scepticism.
  3. AI Job Market Chill: On the contrary, the AI and Machine Learning sector is set to remain ablaze. Interest in these roles is not cooling down anytime soon, especially with big tech still scouting for top talent.
  4. Tech M&A Taking a Breather: Not likely. With tech giants like Apple and Google brimming with cash reserves, and the AI gold rush in full swing, we predict the only breather being taken is for a sprint to the next acquisition.
  5. Cyber Threat Elimination: As much as we dream of it, a cyber-secure utopia is not expected to materialise by 2024. The dynamic landscape of cyber threats ensures that this cat-and-mouse game continues. Cybersecurity remains a cat-and-mouse game. Freedom’s robust security features ensure that while threats evolve, data stays protected.
  6. Quantum Computing on Every Desktop: Quantum leaps in computing are happening, but we’re not quite ready to find quantum machines on our desks by next year due to the sheer complexity and cost involved.
  7. Personal Flying Car Gridlock: It’s a fanciful thought, but regulatory, safety, and infrastructure hurdles mean we won’t be navigating aerial traffic jams in our personal flying cars by 2024.
  8. Martian Colonisation: “Occupy Mars” may be a trendy slogan, but establishing a human colony on the Red Planet is a feat that’s still out of reach for 2024, despite what the space enthusiasts’ t-shirts claim.
  9. Broad Adoption of Brain-Computer Interfaces: While BCIs hold promise, particularly for medical applications, they won’t be replacing our smartwatches or becoming a part of everyday life for the average person in 2024. Brain-Computer Interfaces may not be for everyone in 2024, but Freedom connects users with intuitive interfaces that enhance interaction and collaboration.
  10. Autonomous Commercial Flights: The skies will still need their human pilots for some time, even as drone technology advances. So for those dreaming of a career in the clouds, there’s no need to detour to Wall Street just yet.

As European Electronique continues to navigate the intersection of technology and education, we embrace both the vision of the future and the reality of the present. Our commitment is not just to forecast the next big thing but to deliver tangible, robust solutions that schools, universities, and businesses can rely on here and now.

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At European Electronique, our vision for the future is embodied in our Freedom product – a hybrid cloud solution that combines the best of technology with practicality and security, ensuring that today’s educational and business needs are met with tomorrow’s aspirations in mind.