The recent months have certainly been challenging for us all and COVID-19 has made us all rethink how we go about normal everyday life, including going to work, school or visiting family & friends. With the country slowly getting back to some form of normality, we wanted to share with you a new service that will hopefully prevent any issues for your return to the office or place of work.

return to work service

Return to Work Service

European Electronique’s return to work service is a proactive service that will help prevent any ‘first day back’ issues with your IT equipment. Our fully trained engineers will attend your offices and test the IT equipment to make sure it is all in good working order. If a device is not working, the engineer will investigate the fault and provide a breakdown of the issue and if any parts are required to resolve the fault. As well as testing the equipment, the engineers will wipe all devices & accessories (keyboard, mice, screens) with an alcohol based cleaner to remove any germs and eliminate bacteria.

Our engineers can test the following devices:

  • PCs & laptops inc Apple devices
  • Printers & photocopiers
  • Scanners
  • Projectors

If you require further devices (not listed above) to be tested or cleaned, please let us know and we can add them to the list!

Our engineers will follow all government guidelines when attending your site and being in contact with your staff. This includes wearing face masks’, gloves and sanitising any area they work in.

Pricing for this service starts from just £350 per day. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

Whilst we have been away from our friends, family and businesses, Cyber criminals have been very busy behind the scenes looking to capitalise on this unfortunate situation.

As part of our Return to Work Service, we would also like to invite you to try our CTAP service. This service includes our engineer installing a FortiGate behind the existing firewall to assess what is getting through. After a short period of time this will be removed, and report will be produced and presented with our findings.

The features and benefits of our CTAP Service:

  • Security: network vulnerabilities and helps to identify risk so that they can be properly secured.
  • User Productivity: Provides extensive visibility into peer-to-peer, messaging, and other application usage to see how users are using your network in their daily work.
  • Utilization: Provides real-world numbers about throughput and bandwidth usage during peak traffic.

Once the report has been generated, we can arrange a time to review the outcome and plan the next steps to secure your network and improve productivity of your users and your business.

If any of this interests you please fill out the contact form below, we’ll email you a brochure with our services and have one of our team get in contact to see how we can help make a measurable difference.

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