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Cyber security is a topic at the forefront of every business owners mind. Or is it? Perhaps we should rephrase that to, Cyber security should be the focus topic for every organisation.

At European Electronique we are aware that many organisations and industries may not be taking full advantage of the readily available, high advanced resources that can help secure and protect companies and customers private data.

How much do you love your companies data? Ask yourself these 4 simple questions…

  • Do you know what is on your network?
  • Are your staff trained in the basic practice of cyber security compliance?
  • Is there a cyber security skills gap in your workforce?
  • How do you deal with a breach?

Show your data how much you love it this valentine’s day by requesting one of our Fortinet powered Cyber security Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) audits.

The global pandemic brought with it the increased need for home working and, at the beginning of the first national lockdown, organisations had to adapt quickly to change the way in which digital processes were managed. At European Electronique we experienced an increase in the demand for devices in order to react to these changes and mobilise the workforce. Such demand can lead to increased security risks if the correct software is not utilised.

The BBC reported only this month that recent studies show many firms are not taking cyber security as seriously as they should. One in five UK home workers have received no training on cyber-security, and remote working on a vast scale continues to be a major headache for the IT security bosses of companies large and small around the world, BBC Business, 2021. Of course there are different levels of cyber threat, a low level threat could be receiving ‘what appears to be’ an innocent email, clicking on the attachment that then leads to a malicious website link. Higher level risks usually involve the theft of big data, passwords or money from the individual or organisation.

At European Electronique we are proud to be partnered with Fortinet who are recognised leaders in the evolution of cyber security. Fortinet offer an array of threat protection, including FortiGate. FortiGate next-Generation Firewall provides threat protection for businesses of all sizes, as well as seamless interaction with multiple clouds. The next-generation firewall already plays a huge part, particularly in the healthcare sector where it allows secure delivery of NHS applications and services. If you haven’t yet put security plans in place for 2021, it’s not too late and we have highly skilled technicians who hold Fortinet integrator accreditations who can provide you with robust security strategies to help your business run efficiently and securely.

A CTAP audit will quickly identify any threats and expose network vulnerabilities within your networks and allow us to provide you with a tailored Vaccine (security solution) to address your specific vulnerabilities.

A CTAP will provide you with visibility in 3 key areas:

  1. Security and Threat Prevention
  2. Network Utilization and Performance
  3. User Productivity

For more information on how we can help secure your networks, please complete the form below or phone 08453 458340 and a member of our team will be in touch.

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