Learning at Work Week 2021 takes place from 17th – 23rd May and the theme this year is Made for Learning. At European Electronique (EE) we want to join in with this theme and celebrate lifelong learning in the workplace. We are proud of our core values which include a strong belief in developing future talent, continuous learning, and inspiring younger generations to pursue careers in areas such as technical and engineering.

Just recently CEO Yolanta Gill has created an internal Female Tech Hub ensuring that there is support, flexibility and opportunities for female colleagues including working mums who want to continue their learning path and progress internally to achieve career goals.

Steph joined EE in September 2015 as a Service Desk Analyst and worked her way up to becoming a Project Coordinator in our Professional Services team.

1. What steps did you take to become a Project Coordinator?

I started on the service desk , after a short time , I was asked to cover maternity leave for a colleague in Professional Services as a Project Purchasing Coordinator , I jumped at this opportunity as it gave me a greater insight to different departments within the company. Over time, after in house and mentor training, I learnt how the job was performed to the best ability. Over the following few years, I built up my own skills and way of working- all derived from listening, taking on advice, learning from others and, seeing how others benefitted from different approaches. Working closely with the Project Managers, customer services , suppliers and the rest of the technical department, I became very interested in progressing further within the team, so, with the support of my work colleagues, I was encouraged to take my Prince2 qualification. After completion I took the step to becoming a Project Coordinator.

2. Were there any obstacles or anything you found challenging?

The pace of the project environment and the turnaround of projects, especially over summer, but over time after gaining experience it became 2nd nature!

3. Did you feel supported when learning?

I did, over a long period of time I built up a good relationship with other team members within the Professional services department. We all support and want the best for each other, the encouragement was fantastic.  

4. What would your advice be for anyone wanting to progress with their career within the tech industry?

Do it, the technology industry is always evolving which keeps it interesting, you cannot learn it all without others though so remember to listen! I wouldn’t be where I am today without patience, others and listening.  

5. For fun… if you could learn any new skill what would it be and why?

Ha! Just this week along with one of the other project managers I have decided to learn another language. We have downloaded Duolingo and will be seeing if we can eventually have a Spanish conversation with each other!

Why not take that next step in your career and let us help you on the continued learning path. We currently have some exciting career opportunities in various roles within the business.