As an organisation in this current digital climate, how do you monitor effectively the on-going cyber threats?

Is your current security infrastructure able to detect intrusion or data leakage events?

Do you have the visibility you need into user’s productivity?

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What is CTAP?

The Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is designed by Fortinet to help strengthen the security division in your business and prepare and shield against cyberattacks.

European Electronique are offering a free* health check through the Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), to help you protect your network.

A risk assessment can help teams better understand:

• Security

• Productivity

• Utilisation

How does it work?

European Electronique will carry out an assessment by deploying a FortiGate to monitor your network for a short period of time. You will then receive a detailed report that provides visibility into network risks, the impact it can have on your organisation as well as actionable recommendations helping to refine your security posture. The report will also flag what is bypassing an existing Firewall.


As organisations undergo digital transformation, the move to SD-WAN from traditional WAN infrastructure is growing in popularity. SaaS applications have become business critical to enable an increasingly mobile workforce, and their performance is often hindered by traditional networking environments.

Traditional network architectures are not equipped to accommodate the complex workloads demanded by digital transformation – many of which span multiple clouds. Fortinet’s CTAP program for next-generation firewalls and email security is well-established, helping partners identify security gaps in perimeter defences and cloud-based email security using FortiGate and FortiMail respectively.

Why EE?

European Electronique has partnered with Fortinet for several years and are proud to hold an Expert Integrator Partner accreditation. Working across multiple industry sectors, we are experts in designing, deploying, and supporting Fortinet security solutions.

CTAP Assessment

We want to help test the health of your network security.