Help your school stay safe with a multi-layered endpoint security service

HP Wolf Security is a new breed of protection and reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks. From self-healing firmware and in-memory breach detection to threat containment via isolation, HP Wolf Security is your first line of defence.

Since the pandemic began, cyberattacks are up 400%. HP Elite PCs and workstations come pre-installed with a stack of hardware-enforced security features that enable your staff and pupils to work more securely from anywhere without fear of modern threats.

Defend against cyberattacks without changing student or faculty behaviour with an endpoint security protection service that provides an unmatched combination of malware prevention, threat isolation and identity protection.

Despite the use of traditional anti-virus and detection-based security tools, schools continue to fall prey to these attacks:

  • Emails continue to be the biggest threat vector, with over 100 million new threats created each month – that’s 360,000 per day or 4.2 per second
  • Traditional anti-virus is falling short, missing 60 percent of attacks. 80% of those threats are new, ‘zero-day’ attacks that antivirus can’t detect.
  • In 2020, over 80% of educational institutions reported at least one successful attack.  With greater reliance on classroom technology during the pandemic, schools have fallen victim to everything from phishing scams to ransomware attacks to ‘Zoombomb” meeting invasions.

Get ready for back to school with Wolf Security

For schools with over-strapped IT teams or no dedicated IT resources at all, HP Wolf Pro Security solutions offer powerful software and optional services to counter aggressive cyberattacks. Partner with our experts or leverage advanced tools that deliver enhanced endpoint security for any-sized business.

Get back to school ready by keeping lessons on track and help protect students and faculty from cyberthreats without creating barriers to their daily productivity, with transparent protection that works behind the scenes.

Why Partner with EE?

European Electronique have supplied HP hardware and software solutions for many years. Our longstanding partnership with HP enables us to have access to unparalleled expertise across the HP product range, and this has enabled us to become a HP Amplify Synergy Partner.