Developing the Code

As IT demands become more complex the need to simplify service delivery and integrate the many systems delivered on premise or from the cloud, becomes ever greater. There are new opportunities for businesses to develop custom solutions using data and Internet of Things technologies. Being productive within internal development and IT teams can be challenging with constantly shifting requirements and priorities, pressure to deliver more with less and flexing to meet unplanned demands, all the while maintaining knowledge and skills to keep up with the pace of business and technology change.

At European Electronique our development team provide not only integration services but also custom app development through to data and system integration services.

.NET Development

Change is inevitable and as your business needs change your software must keep pace. With a wealth of experience developing the full Microsoft Stack we are able to provide new solutions to help from a refresh or rewrite of your existing legacy applications through to a fully-fledged Cloud or on premise platform, integrating systems and services to streamline your organisation.

Custom Application Development

If you have a specific requirement, we can help. Our ability to deliver is based on skill and experience and we are technology-agnostic. The solution will be based on the most appropriate technology for your needs - in some instances that might be “no technology”, just a process change.

SharePoint Development

Technologies such as SharePoint are feature rich and improve with each new release, but without customisation they are bland and purely functional. European Electronique adopted SharePoint and SharePoint online as a core capability within our company, and we also operate our own cloud based multitenant SharePoint infrastructure. Frequently though, feature rich “out of the box” just isn't enough. You need a special, custom, bespoke, solution to enable your organisation to get the most out of SharePoint, because you have unique challenges, requirements and goals.